Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ardbeg Supernova

i stole this picture from Ardbeg, but . . .
and if this sounds like an ad. . . it is.
i wrote this up for a Hi Time e-mail, and they followed it with the distillery info... which sounded like mine (i didn't copy!!)... So here it is the low-down: This Stuff is Great!

A Gold Medal Winner at the 2009 San Francisco Spirit's competition!! Supernova is excellent, filled with taste explosions and luxuriously dawdling flavors that are deep, oily and earthy; nuances that shine alongside smoky peat, dark chocolate, and chamomile with touches of briny coastal subtlety as sultry Supernova builds on your palate with an enticing Peat-bog of richness that evolves even more in approachable complexity with a splash of water to include sweet ripe barley, and creamy vanilla. The finish is long and lingering recalling sweet malt, sea salt, dried fruits and rich peat in a bold, vibrant and lyrical manner. Very special, limited edition bottling is a once in a lifetime offering of a unique whiskey—a must for smoky whisky lovers.

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