Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. . .

I recently had the privileged of sitting down with Hunter, and Britt Chavanne from Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries, Lld. (referred to as KBD from now on...) and what a pleasure it was . . .
KBD has one of (if not the most) impressive line ups in American whiskey! and Hunter & Britt were not only very nice, but they were also very informative (plus they brought a bunch of wonderful whiskey to try, and that -as you all know- is an easy way to get into my good graces).
The whiskies we tasted that day were: Johnny Drum (the Green, the 12 and the Private Stock), Old Bardstown Black Label, Willett Pot Still Reserve and the Small Batch Collection: Noah's Mill, Rowans Creek, Pure Kentucky, Kentucky Vintage and several from the Vintage Collection (Limited Edition Vintage Line): 17 Year Old Bourbon, 21 Year Old Rye, 23 Year Old Rye.. Each whiskey was fantastic, but my favorite was probably the 21 year Old Rye-- absolutely stunning!!
Well here is a write up of Noah's Mill, and i send it with a hearty recommendation to try any whiskey you can from KBD-- you wont be disappointed!
“Handmade in the hills of Kentucky”, Noah's Mill demonstrates the pinnacle of Small Batch-Artisan-Bourbon that begins with the finest ingredients, is carried out with the greatest skill and waited for with the patience of saints. This Bourbon is packed with elaborations of beauty, subtlety and refinement. Aromas of soft, dark wood, sumptuous baking spice, earth, field and forests are bound with rich full caramel. The flavors include pralines, mocha, dried apricot, oily nuts and a spice farrago in a melange of soft fruit structured with minerals. The finish is warming, full and saporous. This is a SUPERIOR accomplishment, a joy to imbibe and the perfect treat for any Bourbon Lover.