Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. . .

I recently had the privileged of sitting down with Hunter, and Britt Chavanne from Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries, Lld. (referred to as KBD from now on...) and what a pleasure it was . . .
KBD has one of (if not the most) impressive line ups in American whiskey! and Hunter & Britt were not only very nice, but they were also very informative (plus they brought a bunch of wonderful whiskey to try, and that -as you all know- is an easy way to get into my good graces).
The whiskies we tasted that day were: Johnny Drum (the Green, the 12 and the Private Stock), Old Bardstown Black Label, Willett Pot Still Reserve and the Small Batch Collection: Noah's Mill, Rowans Creek, Pure Kentucky, Kentucky Vintage and several from the Vintage Collection (Limited Edition Vintage Line): 17 Year Old Bourbon, 21 Year Old Rye, 23 Year Old Rye.. Each whiskey was fantastic, but my favorite was probably the 21 year Old Rye-- absolutely stunning!!
Well here is a write up of Noah's Mill, and i send it with a hearty recommendation to try any whiskey you can from KBD-- you wont be disappointed!
“Handmade in the hills of Kentucky”, Noah's Mill demonstrates the pinnacle of Small Batch-Artisan-Bourbon that begins with the finest ingredients, is carried out with the greatest skill and waited for with the patience of saints. This Bourbon is packed with elaborations of beauty, subtlety and refinement. Aromas of soft, dark wood, sumptuous baking spice, earth, field and forests are bound with rich full caramel. The flavors include pralines, mocha, dried apricot, oily nuts and a spice farrago in a melange of soft fruit structured with minerals. The finish is warming, full and saporous. This is a SUPERIOR accomplishment, a joy to imbibe and the perfect treat for any Bourbon Lover.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mixology Monday

This is the first time i have participated in Mixology Monday, it is hosted this week by my pal RumDood and he picked the topic of 'Ginger'!!

So to start out my post i am going to revisit 3 cocktails i came up with recently that feature Ginger, and then reveal a brand new cocktail that i have created especially for this occasion-- are we thirsty??

'The Battle of Puebla'

Garnish with a Large (or long if you prefer) Lemon Zest

1 Oz Don Amado Rustico
2 Oz Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 Dashes of Peychauds Bitters
.5 Oz Fresh Lemon (feel free to adjust)

add some ice Stir and THOROUGHLY CHILL.

The original recipe for this i posted as a Cinco de Mayo (The Battle of Puebla is the reason for the celebration) cocktail.

The Ginger Politic

1.5oz Sazerac Rye
1 oz Ginger Liqueur
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
2 dashes Angostura's Bitters
Shake all of the ingredients with ice vigorously, strain into a chilled Cocktail Glass. Cherry for garnish (include a bit of the juice for color and sweetness!)
This drink is a tasty treat, i thinking about making another one right now. . .

A Quiet Storm. . .

2 Shots White Rum
1 Shot Ginger Liqueur
¾ Oz Fresh Lime Juice
Shake with Ice, strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.
Garnish with a Lemon twist

This is fun to . . kind of like a Dark and Stormy concentrated-- or something. i always put a couple dashes of bitters in this (Angostura, or Amargo) but it was about 50/50 on the reception so i left them out.

Now for the new, made especially for today...

Spicy Moose

2 Oz Matusalem Clasico
1 Oz Chocolate Liqueur
 used one from Tangerine Mountain Distillery
1 Oz Dry Vermouth (Noilly Prat)
4 healthy slices of fresh Ginger root.

Place ginger slices in base of mixing glass and muddle, add rum and muddle, then add the rest and shake vigorously, strain into chilled glass, dust with fresh grated nutmeg and a piece of chocolate covered candied ginger.
This drink is delicious-- such a surprise-- the Chocolate makes a huge difference. the first one i made with no-name Creme de Cacao and the drink was ok, but it did not sing.. With the TMD Chocolate it did sing-- Enjoy, and thanks Matt for the invite!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jean Marc XO Vodka

Jean Marc is brilliant vodka. Four particular kinds of wheat are selected and separated from the chaff (to eliminate any hint of bitterness!) to be fermented and then distilled NINE times in an Alembic Pot Still, micro-oxygenated, diluted with pure Gensac spring water and finally filtered through Limousine Oak Charcoal. The aromas are complex, vivacious, elusive-- Galani cookies, dried white flowers, cream, and cake batter-- and sweetly alluring. The palate entry is lavish and builds to a silky body that reveals clean toasted almonds with fennel, and Christmas berry. The finish delicately capitulate these nuances with an amazing elegance-- excellent.

CapRock Organic Dry Gin

CapRock Organic Dry Gin is magnificently unique. It is filled with aromas and flavors that blend fruits, flower buds, seeds, and spices into a concerto of deliciousness. Starting as an auspicious base spirit pot-distilled from organic apples, by the master minds at Peak Spirits, it is then infused with 12 different 'botanicals' and 2 fresh juices that are married together at final distillation and allayed with naturally pure, untreated spring-water to produce layers of vibrant, multi-timbered, invigorating redolence and tastes. This is a Gin any fan of Gin should try and a perfect to enjoy on the rocks, or in a cocktail!