Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Metl 2012 Mescal is made in the village of Tlacolula in Oaxaca, from the finest estate grown Espadin Agaves, hand processed utilising traditional methods, then triple distilled and aged for 13 months in new American oak barrels. Gorgeous smells of caramelized honey lead, followed by wet stone, smoked dry fruit, olive brine and finespun mesquite. The flavors have all of that, but wrapped in sweetness, displayed in a vibrantly active palate, adding creamy mineral and smoked Serrano peppers. All of these notes, and tones are restated in bountiful character through a dawdling and deep clean finish-- so very terrific. Sip, contemplating the magic of the universe.
Metl 2012 also has a full line of Tequila that is great as a counterpart to its excellent line of Mescal's.