Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mount Gay 1703

Mount Gay 1703 is the latest gift from the world’s oldest rum distillery, conceived to commemorate the year Mount Gay began making rum (1703). Steeped in history, and filled with consummate ability the rum that has been achieved is a stunning blend of 10-30 year old spirit. With munificent fragrances of toasted coconut, dried nuts, dark cocoa and clean molasses (or maple), we are compelled to drink. To taste there are oily flavors of turbinado sugar, dried tropical fruit, nuts, vanilla, finespun spices and caramel that merge on the palate with tones of dry oak to seamlessly transition into the finish-- which is graceful, rich, layered and exquisite-- truly fantastic!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Minty Half Measures. . .

no picture... but the recipe goes like this....

4 or 5 Mint leaves, lightly bruised

2.5 Sombra Mescal
1.5 Noily Prat Dry vermouth (the New/Original-- which i like!)
.5 Lemon Juice
Dash of agave nectar

Shake, strain into chilled glass ganish with a spanked Mint sprig

Port Mescal

Another fantastic mescal cocktail featuring the lovely!!!

Port Mezcal . . .

2 Oz Don Amado Mezcal
1.5 Oz Ruby Port
.25-.5 oz Lemon Juice
.25 Agave Nectar

Shake, strain into a chilled glass/
Garnish with a brandied cherry (and a touch of the juice...)

Smoked Rosemary

This is a tasty , fresh tasting drink, let me know if you try it...

2 Oz Sombra
3/4 Oz Lemon Juice
Bar Spoon Agave syrup (generous)
A twig of Fresh Rosemary

Take the Leaves off of a Rosemary branch about 5 inches long
Throw it into your mixing glass.
Add 3/4 Lemon Juice, and a generous bar spoon of agave nectar
Muddle, then add 2 oz's Sombra--Shake Strain into a chilled Cocktail Glass, garnish with the stripped branch with a sprig or two at the top!


1921 Tequila Cream is a blend of Blanco Tequila and cream- an absolute surprise of delicious richness with delicate tequila nuance all the way through. The nose is full and the scents are definitely sweet-- white cake batter, arroz con leche, sweetened-condensed milk and marzipan. Amidst the copious luxury of this exquisite liqueur, flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, roasted almond and a clean tequila are found. 1921 Cream is a great liqueur that should be sought out and savored immediately as a perfect accompaniment to pan dulce (sweet bread) or fruit (citrus or berries) for dessert, served as a cordial, with coffee or tea (or put it in) or in a cocktail.


Corrido started out as a masterfully distilled Blanco tequila which was then filled into a small lot of specially selected white oak barrels. For 3 years Corrido Extra waited patiently to mature. By late 08 it was ready to brake out of those barrels as an effulgent demonstration of ultra-premium tequila and the meridian of artisan tequila production. With an inviting nose filled with intricate spice (clove, nutmeg, cinnamon), browned butter, vanilla and oak-- Corrido Extra calls to you. . .. The flavors follow suit with the spices subdued by sweet agave, lemony citrus and intricately supple oak simultaneously accomplishing a balanced, invigorate mouth feel-taste-finish that outlines the many marvelously elegant qualities. This exceptional Extra-Añejo is meant to be sipped and relished.


To let you in behind the scenes where i work (Hi-Times), we all were floored by this añejo-- a sipper for under $20 is practically unheard of. The leading aromas are agave, bourbon and citrus with some toasty oak tones implying caramel and a mild earthiness. The flavors initially are sweet, clean agave nectar rounded out with full wood tones in a mildly oily mouth feel that evolve to include caramel, delicate spice, hints of cocoa and vanilla. Not a hint of bitterness on the palate anywhere. The finish is smooth with a slight warmth, cream and citrus resolving to a lingering fruitiness. The Blanco, and the Reposado are good also, but this añejo was definitely the show-stealer! Perfect for any get together where quality and quantity both play a part in the equation.


La Pinta has achieved something wonderful. Beginning with excellent Clase Azul Tequila it is infused with the juices of 'exotic' Pomegranate and then aged for a full 12 months allowing the flavors to meld while reaching an amazing balance. The aromas are pure unadulterated pomegranate- subtle, earthy, tart with a bright sweetness. On the palate these scents are attained and transcended with the greatest of ease; tart, fresh pomegranate- so clean and sapid it bursts with juicy ripe fruit and as the fruit passes, the 'so-good' flavors of glorious Clase Azul shows. La Pinta is unbelievable, enjoy it chilled, as an aperitif, or in a cocktail.


Metl 2012 Mescal is made in the village of Tlacolula in Oaxaca, from the finest estate grown Espadin Agaves, hand processed utilising traditional methods, then triple distilled and aged for 13 months in new American oak barrels. Gorgeous smells of caramelized honey lead, followed by wet stone, smoked dry fruit, olive brine and finespun mesquite. The flavors have all of that, but wrapped in sweetness, displayed in a vibrantly active palate, adding creamy mineral and smoked Serrano peppers. All of these notes, and tones are restated in bountiful character through a dawdling and deep clean finish-- so very terrific. Sip, contemplating the magic of the universe.
Metl 2012 also has a full line of Tequila that is great as a counterpart to its excellent line of Mescal's.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Battle Of Puebla

Every month, where i work (Hi-Time Wine Cellars, the best Wine/ Liquor Store around.) i have to present a 'Cocktail of the Month' each month. For May i was having some troubles finding a historical cocktail to feature, so i decided to present one that i had been toying with. Called 'The Battle of Puebla', it is built like so:

Garnish with a Large (or long if you prefer) Lemon Zest

1 Oz Don Amado Rustico
2 Oz Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 Dashes of Peychauds Bitters
.5 Oz Fresh Lemon (feel free to adjust)

add some ice Stir and THOROUGHLY CHILL.

A Nicely Spicy drink.

The name comes from the battle (and subsequent victory) that is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. The Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862 near the city of Puebla during the French intervention in Mexico. The battle ended in an unsuspected victory for Mexico against the occupying French forces. The Battle has significance for a couple of reasons: 1) outnumbered almost two-to-one, Mexico defeated a much better-equipped French army that had not lost for almost 50 years. 2) this battle was "the last time that an army from another continent invaded the Americas".

The idea for the proportions was taken from the proportions of the battle--
Mexico (represented by Mezcal) 1 Part
France (represented by Canton) 2 Part
2 Dashes of Bitterness (handled by Peychauds)
Some Zest, and some juice (here provided by the lemon)
and we have a winner with 'The Battle of Puebla'.

The facts above were liberally taken from Wilipedia, and i thank them for making my life more complete.