Thursday, March 12, 2009

EL Dorado 3 Year Cask Aged White Rum

Wow. Another spectacular sample from my friend, Codename: Smuggler...This looks like plain old ordinary rum-- proof, that you can not judge on appearances!! This is no average white rum, the aromatics and flavors are unbelievable. . .Smells of milk chocolate, fresh grated coconut, vanilla almond milk, and meringue with delicate citrus zest. The flavor reveal these nuances and more of the citrus with oily peanuts, honey, baked custard and lovely cane sugar. The finish is excellent-- recapitulating so much goodness while adding some minerals, fresh grass and sweet-soft-water. Amazing depth, and a lingering finish.
As completely wonderful as this magnificent rum is... i can't wait to make a cocktail with it!

Another twist on a Daiquiri...

2.5 Oz EL Dorado 3 Year Cask Aged Demerara White Rum
1.5 Lemon Juice]
.25 Oz Maraschino Liqueur
.25 Clement Sirop de Canne

Garnish w/ a brandied cherry