Monday, March 10, 2014

Bushmills 1608

This is super hard to find now, but what the heck: 
Bushmills 1608, to lionize the 400th anniversary of being 'licensed to distill' by King James I, has released the fine, and eminently drinkable, 1608. This whiskey is a delight-- approachable, remarkably soft, yet still possessing depth and character. The ample nose is delicate, filled with sherry tones, crisped almond slivers drizzled with honey, fresh turned soil, sun dried raspberry, and currants with toasted grains in an old wood cookie jar. A luscious mouthful, starting soft, big, and juicy- toffee notes and neat grains with crisp fruit till the finish when it drys up to clean malted cereal.

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