Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plantation Rum, Trinidad 1996

This and the next few reviews were posted on the Ministry Of Rum forum, and i thought that they would fit better here, and beef up my blog... so forgive me if you've seen these, and enjoy them if you haven't!.

Plantation Trinidad 1996- Distilled in 100%Column Still, it is a blend of 2 specific cuvées, from 2 distilleries. The fermentation was an average of 72 hours. Aged in Bourbon barrels. The rum is finespun, elegance-- yet with a friendly familiarity of a welcome home kiss after a long day. With resplendent aromatic subtlety it touches toasty oak, soft sugary floral tones, with hints of candied citrus zest. The taste is luxury: subtle toffee, against marmalade hints, with grilled zucchini/plantain/squash/eggplant?, leather, and dried fruit that mount and resolve slowly in a fade that is a classic, and clean finish with herbaceous-ness lightly in the back.