Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plantation Rum Guyana 1990

The last reprint from MoR, i swear.

Plantation Guyana 1990- 13 years old, aged in bourbon barrels, 100% pot still (distilled in a small traditional copper still), long fermentation--no dunder added. This rum is huge! i am so glad i tasted this last- after 5 rums (and several double takes) this stuff slowly climbed up onto my palate and proceeded to make a nest for it to nap, and nap it did. Revealing aromas, and flavors as if they were dreams that it was dreaming, and i could somehow see Wow. Honestly, it is 2 days later, 8:30 in the morning, i am on 4th cup of coffee translating this from my chicken scratch, and as i recollect it is still dizzying. At one point (after my second sip) i remember looking down into my glass, eyes wide and mouth agape in awe to see little rainbow droplets forming on the top of the rum (probably residual water that i didn't get out from when i rinsed my glass [which i do between every tasting, and also i have a big drink of water, that i swish around in my mouth, to cleanse my palate - in case anyone cares:]... Well hell you get the idea... it is good. Here are short notes since i rambled: flambéed bananas, figs, dates,and raisins with leather and juicy dark wood tones-- Amazingly balanced (i have no idea how, but it is) on the palate with a lingering, recherché, and complex finish.

i hate to say it, but this one may have been my favorite.... MAYBE!
They were all so good.