Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plantation Rum Barbados 1995

Also a repeat from MoR (go check it out if you like Rum!

Plantation Rums are bottled by Cognac Ferrand- producer/purveyor of fine cognac. An entourage from Cognac Ferrand regularly scouts out barrels from particular distilleries to further age and then bottle as a 'Single Vintage Small Batch' rum. i have not tasted a rum bottled by Cognac Ferrand that i didn't enjoy, this one is no exception!

Plantation Barbados 1995- 9 years old, 100%Column Still, from a medium fermentation, a blend from 2 distilleries, aged in Re-charred bourbon.. A simply gorgeous rum- a peaceful lighthearted conversation with a close friend. The aromas do not give out many secrets- clean molasses, nice wood tones, and straw; it is light with pineapple drizzled with vanilla and honey and dusted with clean, fresh ground spices. More tropical fruits on the palate, well toasted nuts, and a sapid woodiness in the finish with clean molasses nuances. This rum needs more of my attention, and i am looking forward to giving it what it needs.