Monday, February 9, 2009

Bambarra 8 Year Old

In 1841, on the way to Cuba (South East of Barbados) the Trouvadore, a Spanish slave trading ship, crashed on a reef just off East Caicos. One hundred and ninety-two survivors made it to the shore of this tropical island to find that under British rule, the slave trade was illegal and they were to be liberated. Hailing from Africa, they began a new life on the Turks & Caicos as free people and named the settlement "Bambarra" which refers not only to the Bamberra people of Africa, and the Bambarra Empire that they were been stolen from, but also “Bambarra” can be translated to mean: "accepting of no master". Captured from a war torn homeland, sold into slavery, and shipwrecked on a foreign island to find freedom and hope in a tropical paradise with possibilities beyond all of their experience; from the chaotic winds of fate opportunity emerges from tribulation and Bambarra the settlement was created on Caicos. Bambarra the rum is offered to celebrate the spirit of these 'settlers', to commemorate their settlement, and honor the influence

I am looking at the Bambarra 8 year old, and it is good, another gift from a kind friend (who also took the picture of the Bottle for me!!)!

An aromatic bouquet of vanilla steeped in cane/ corn syrup is backed up by notes of cola and honeyed lime zest with an undercurrent of fresh split oak, toasty cedar and cigar box. So soft and supple an invitation with the earthy must of oxidized fruit dominated by wonderful vanilla (creme brulee after a lot of air) and hinting at tobacco, new leather and gunpowder tea.

The first approach of Bambarra 8 follows the hints given by the nosing, but shift quickly in mid palate through burnt spice, chicory, quince, rhubarb, deep extracted gunpowder tea with honey and damp wood while maintaining its brisk pace it crosses the back palate with a bright burst of dried ginger, cinnamon and toasty bitter almond.

Starts with a surprising burst of alcohol and a nice fade of treacle, rich cinnamon, and spice that lingers while pleasantly enlivening your palate with subtle reminders that reveals each flavor in turn.

Is soft vanilla washed cut wood, brown bread crust and baking spice.

This is a tasty rum that has been a pleasure to drink neat, but with an ice cube it gets even lovelier, and in an drink that demands a strong rum presence this is perfect.

Here I offer a creation to join in the celebration of Bambarra the people that triumphed over many adversities, the people who are 'accepting of no master'; the place they made their home, and the rum made to honor their influence:


2 Shots Bambarra 8
1 Guava (or whatever you have fresh locally!)
A dash of cane/ or simple syrup (adjust to fruit sweetness)

Quarter the Guava (pick a juicy one) and muddle
Add the Bambarra, shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

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