Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plantation Rum Guyana 1990

The last reprint from MoR, i swear.

Plantation Guyana 1990- 13 years old, aged in bourbon barrels, 100% pot still (distilled in a small traditional copper still), long fermentation--no dunder added. This rum is huge! i am so glad i tasted this last- after 5 rums (and several double takes) this stuff slowly climbed up onto my palate and proceeded to make a nest for it to nap, and nap it did. Revealing aromas, and flavors as if they were dreams that it was dreaming, and i could somehow see Wow. Honestly, it is 2 days later, 8:30 in the morning, i am on 4th cup of coffee translating this from my chicken scratch, and as i recollect it is still dizzying. At one point (after my second sip) i remember looking down into my glass, eyes wide and mouth agape in awe to see little rainbow droplets forming on the top of the rum (probably residual water that i didn't get out from when i rinsed my glass [which i do between every tasting, and also i have a big drink of water, that i swish around in my mouth, to cleanse my palate - in case anyone cares:]... Well hell you get the idea... it is good. Here are short notes since i rambled: flambéed bananas, figs, dates,and raisins with leather and juicy dark wood tones-- Amazingly balanced (i have no idea how, but it is) on the palate with a lingering, recherché, and complex finish.

i hate to say it, but this one may have been my favorite.... MAYBE!
They were all so good.

Plantation Rum Panama 1997

Even more from MoR.

Plantation Panama 1997- 100% Column Still, blended from 2 distilleries, aged 5 years before blending and i have seen it stated as several places as a 8-9 year old (though on their handout it says: "Specific aging (5 years before blending) Panama style" which i have no idea what that means. ) If i were to guess i would say this a longer fermentation utilizing the 'dunder'- which would help explain a lot of the herbal complexity. This stuff is lively, vivacious, and unassumingly unique. The aromas are subversive and vibrant it shows herbal scents that are unexpected, and yet not out of place: thyme, rosemary, basil and tea tree, and then fruit is there also-- pineapple, quince and banana. They resolve the herbal/ exotic fruits tones into sumptuous flavors and extend to include toasted oily nuts, honey, vanilla and clean sugar syrup.

By the way, all of the estate bottling's from Plantation are delivered at 45% ABV, another tidbit for you my lovelies!

Plantation Rum Nicaragua 1998

To continue from MoR (a really nice site with good people, and good info!).

Plantation Nicaragua 1998- 8 years old, 100% Column Still, Shorter fermentation (48 Hours). A striking and flavorful rum, laden with elusive intricate complexity -Vienna at 4AM, clean air and fresh pastry smell, every step some new scent. This rums is filled with lovely aromas: cedar shavings, spice cake leading with cinnamon, but implying also clove, and nutmeg while smelling invitingly honey-rich sweet. Excellent body- viscous, and layered. The flavors implied in the nosing delivers adds clean vegetal earth tones, and caramel.The finish comes on and lingers, twisting shades, and nicety with toasted woods, toward a warm toffee finale.

Plantation Rum Grenada 1998

That is right, you guest it... originally posted on MoR...

Plantation Grenada 1998- 8 Year old, 100% Column Still, short fermentation, Aged in small bourbon barrels, and blended before aging. A rarity of pleasant refinement, the comfortable embrace of a favored chair as a cool breeze crosses the back of your neck. The nose is equally delicate and exotic: jasmine, white tea with cane syrup, banana bread sweetened with pineapple juice and vanilla-- With all of these fragile flavors folding into the palate and expanding with coriander, white pepper, and bright sweet flowers to a finish that also just appears, and dissipates sluggishly- in candor.

Dog-gone i liked this rum!!

Plantation Rum Barbados 1995

Also a repeat from MoR (go check it out if you like Rum!

Plantation Rums are bottled by Cognac Ferrand- producer/purveyor of fine cognac. An entourage from Cognac Ferrand regularly scouts out barrels from particular distilleries to further age and then bottle as a 'Single Vintage Small Batch' rum. i have not tasted a rum bottled by Cognac Ferrand that i didn't enjoy, this one is no exception!

Plantation Barbados 1995- 9 years old, 100%Column Still, from a medium fermentation, a blend from 2 distilleries, aged in Re-charred bourbon.. A simply gorgeous rum- a peaceful lighthearted conversation with a close friend. The aromas do not give out many secrets- clean molasses, nice wood tones, and straw; it is light with pineapple drizzled with vanilla and honey and dusted with clean, fresh ground spices. More tropical fruits on the palate, well toasted nuts, and a sapid woodiness in the finish with clean molasses nuances. This rum needs more of my attention, and i am looking forward to giving it what it needs.

Plantation Rum, Trinidad 1996

This and the next few reviews were posted on the Ministry Of Rum forum, and i thought that they would fit better here, and beef up my blog... so forgive me if you've seen these, and enjoy them if you haven't!.

Plantation Trinidad 1996- Distilled in 100%Column Still, it is a blend of 2 specific cuvées, from 2 distilleries. The fermentation was an average of 72 hours. Aged in Bourbon barrels. The rum is finespun, elegance-- yet with a friendly familiarity of a welcome home kiss after a long day. With resplendent aromatic subtlety it touches toasty oak, soft sugary floral tones, with hints of candied citrus zest. The taste is luxury: subtle toffee, against marmalade hints, with grilled zucchini/plantain/squash/eggplant?, leather, and dried fruit that mount and resolve slowly in a fade that is a classic, and clean finish with herbaceous-ness lightly in the back.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elements 8 Platinum

Elements 8 Platinum Rum is a highly versatile rum (and coincidentally another gift/ sample from . . .THANK YOU!); aged for up to 4 years in Bourbon barrels then charcoal filtered to remove any impurities and all color remaining.

Scrumptious gentle fruit vividness on the nose, leading with clean lemon zest, sultana, in mineral water with scents showing also stewed peach, quince and verbena nuance that is tempting in an exceptionally pleasant way.

The flavors carry over the tastes implied in the nosing: starting with soft, aromatic citrus tones, orange blossoms, multiple tree fruits stewed with sumptuous spice in a composite floral backdrop. The voluptuary mouth-feel is full and equanimous. It is complex, yet balanced and clean with fruit flavors throughout.

A prodigious, suave finish with confectionery sugar, candied fruits and subtle spice warmth perseveres to a slow clean end.

Citrus Zest with light pith

Platinum Peach

2 ½ Oz e(8) Platinum
1 Oz Peach Liqueur
¾ Oz Fresh Lime Juice

Shake with Ice, strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.
Dash of bitters-- Garnish with a Brandied cherry

A Quiet Storm. . .

2 Shots e(8) Platinum
1 Shot Canton Ginger Liqueur
¾ Oz Fresh Lime Juice
Shake with Ice, strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.
Garnish with a Lemon twist

Bambarra 8 Year Old

In 1841, on the way to Cuba (South East of Barbados) the Trouvadore, a Spanish slave trading ship, crashed on a reef just off East Caicos. One hundred and ninety-two survivors made it to the shore of this tropical island to find that under British rule, the slave trade was illegal and they were to be liberated. Hailing from Africa, they began a new life on the Turks & Caicos as free people and named the settlement "Bambarra" which refers not only to the Bamberra people of Africa, and the Bambarra Empire that they were been stolen from, but also “Bambarra” can be translated to mean: "accepting of no master". Captured from a war torn homeland, sold into slavery, and shipwrecked on a foreign island to find freedom and hope in a tropical paradise with possibilities beyond all of their experience; from the chaotic winds of fate opportunity emerges from tribulation and Bambarra the settlement was created on Caicos. Bambarra the rum is offered to celebrate the spirit of these 'settlers', to commemorate their settlement, and honor the influence

I am looking at the Bambarra 8 year old, and it is good, another gift from a kind friend (who also took the picture of the Bottle for me!!)!

An aromatic bouquet of vanilla steeped in cane/ corn syrup is backed up by notes of cola and honeyed lime zest with an undercurrent of fresh split oak, toasty cedar and cigar box. So soft and supple an invitation with the earthy must of oxidized fruit dominated by wonderful vanilla (creme brulee after a lot of air) and hinting at tobacco, new leather and gunpowder tea.

The first approach of Bambarra 8 follows the hints given by the nosing, but shift quickly in mid palate through burnt spice, chicory, quince, rhubarb, deep extracted gunpowder tea with honey and damp wood while maintaining its brisk pace it crosses the back palate with a bright burst of dried ginger, cinnamon and toasty bitter almond.

Starts with a surprising burst of alcohol and a nice fade of treacle, rich cinnamon, and spice that lingers while pleasantly enlivening your palate with subtle reminders that reveals each flavor in turn.

Is soft vanilla washed cut wood, brown bread crust and baking spice.

This is a tasty rum that has been a pleasure to drink neat, but with an ice cube it gets even lovelier, and in an drink that demands a strong rum presence this is perfect.

Here I offer a creation to join in the celebration of Bambarra the people that triumphed over many adversities, the people who are 'accepting of no master'; the place they made their home, and the rum made to honor their influence:


2 Shots Bambarra 8
1 Guava (or whatever you have fresh locally!)
A dash of cane/ or simple syrup (adjust to fruit sweetness)

Quarter the Guava (pick a juicy one) and muddle
Add the Bambarra, shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Check out the Rumilier's website. . .

Thursday, February 5, 2009


W L Weller was the first to offer a bourbon with wheat as the flavor grain instead of rye-- an innovation that has been imitated repeatedly.
This whiskey has conflated its grainy aromas into a close equilibrium with oak and unique fruit tones. The initial nosing finds pecan, almond oil, and caramel corn that show remnants of toasted oak with vanilla, moving with oily grains that are fixed, malty and pungent.
The taste is dry, complex, and toasty revealing cocoa dust, and soft spices (grated nutmeg, cumin, cinnamon). The mid-palate flavor is wheat, cedar, and nuts that are layered, moderately sweet, and held together in a soft texture while still being big in flavor.
There is a tartness, and heat that briskly leads to a long finish with smoky oak and intense grain.
The thing that is hard to believe about this is that you can usually find it for under $20 buck! Which make it not only fantastic to drink, but a hell of a deal..
Enjoy this Bourbon as perfect match with food,
or in classic drink, like:

Admiral Cocktail

1 1/2 oz bourbon
1/2 oz dry vermouth
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake & strain
Serve in a cocktail glass

Black Hawk Cocktail

1 1/4 oz sloe gin
1 1/4 oz bourbon
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

Stir in mixing glass with ice & strain
Serve in a cocktail glass (Add cherry)

Here are a few, i will try to get some pictures later...