Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ron Atlantico Private Cask

To start off I guess is should mention a bit about the provenance of this rum:
Ron Atlantico is made in the Dominican Republic, (which coincidentally produces quite a few delicious rums -Ron Barcelo, Ron Matusalem, Cubaney to name a few). A collection of small batch, aged rums are purchased and then blended, to be further aged allowing the flavors to merge, marry and coalesce. Utilizing the solera method of aging (as does Ron Zacapa, Ron Botran, Ron Matusalem, Santa Teresa 1796 and a lot of others -- you get the drift.. it is a good method) the finished 'blend' is a combination of Dominican rums aged between 15 to 25 years. With exacting detail, and admirable scrutiny 'the blend' is christened Ron Atlantico Private Cask then bottled, inspected and numbered by hand, with the hand-written initials of Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb as a personal seal that they have approved each and every one (can you say writers cramp?? good thing they have some great rum standing by to ease the hardship!).
Here are some notes:

The color is mahogany with gold tones- the color of strong sweet tea; I say sweet tea because when you swirl it in you glass it not only has slow thick legs it glazes the glass etching an oily sugared outline wherever it touches that takes 'several' minutes to completely clear away.

Nose: cola berry, sweet tea, soft damp wood, fig, mincemeat, overripe plum, moist dates, subtle notes of allspice in sugar-- with air of some soft vanilla, against fresh cut mahogany- caramels with sea salt

Body: Lightly oily, with a medium weight

Movement: Front palate show the cola berry backed up with delicate vanilla / caramel that resolves to tea tannin and implying maple at the mid palate (broad leaf oolong- deeply extracted) which evolve into spices – clove, Mexican cinnamon and nutmeg- in honey – on the back palate and into the finish which reintroduces the caramel/ vanilla to the spices and honey for a long and lingering finale.

Overall: Creamy mouth-feel is full of fun flavors that are soft and rich-- caramel, maple, creamy toffee, molasses, candied almond slivers-- all tasty, but to me the definite mark of quality is the balance-- these are a lot of sweet flavors that could easily get lost and they dont-- very nice.

Aftertaste/ Exhale: Vibrant spice, with a saporous residue that tingles gently and is slightly bitter.

It will be very easy for me to recommend this rum. It is very enjoyable, with nice layers of complexity, good richness, nice textures and it is excellently made (even if it is a bit sweet for me, I enjoyed every last drop). If you are a fan of sweeter styled, well aged rum-- Ron Zacapa Centenario, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusivo, Barcelo Imperial, Ron Centenario Fundacion XX, Macambo 20, etc.-- this is something you should not miss!!

Dark Query (get it...)

2 1/2 Oz Ron Atlantico
1 Tablespoon St Elizabeth Allspice Dram
1/2 Oz lime Juice
Barspoon Orgeat (adjust for sweetness)
Dash of Amargo Bitters (Angostura will work to!)
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
i would like to thank Aleco, and Brandon for the sample!! Thank You!!

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