Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glenlivet XXV

One of the perks of my job (i work at Hi Time Wine Cellar) is i get to taste stuff i never would get to taste.

This is a good example: Glenlivet XXV-- A new top-end range offering from Glenlivet's ever expanding portfolio; this was distilled in 1980 and finished a couple of years in Oloroso Sherry barrels. The packaging is gorgeous (if you care about that stuff, i don't but i thought you may...), it is bottled at 43% and oh what a joy it is. The Sherry brings a surreal influence to the Glenlivet Malt-- a nuttiness, and an amplification of the spicy/ malty cereal tones that are usually found in the Glenlivet without dominating the traditional soft sweet, honeyed malt you would expect.

25 years is a gamble, a risk; so many things could have gone wrong-- but luckilly for us they didn't....

Nose: Begins implying the layered complexity, it hints at the intensity, it evokes scents of richness, creamy-oily nuts (almond, Macadamia, hazelnut), crazy wood tones- cedar, mahogany-- cigar box, all bound up in a malty/ honeyed flan with perfect caramel, and toffee with vanilla, also soft cinnamon bread with raisins.. and if you add a drop of water it boosts the custard to a rich Tapioca and reveals more of the delicate spice.

Taste:So soft, oily, filled with redolence on the first approach then at the mid palate the spices appear-- ginger, and cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice burst out of a lingering richness without overpowering but instead revealing more nuttiness, toasty grains, and rich malt tones-- hear the aging begins to blast dark caramel, wood, dusty baking spice-- while still maintaining balance. minerals, fruit, wood, and spice so very good.

Finish: It dawdles to reveal each nuance in turn through a diminishing gradual fade that exposes even more of the delicacies hidden within-- the fruit is more obvious, buttressed by a clean nuttiness, with more bready malted grains and lovely spice.

Overall: Amazing.
This stuff is expensive (to expensive for me!!) but so very worth it. If you are in the market for a $350. whiskey you should think seriously about this one.

Another thing that is great about my work, is my co-workers.. Here is Trayce on the Tom Lykis show talking about this whisky (which is also how i got to taste it... the leftovers!); The link is here:

Also Glenlivet has a nice site where they talk about XXV, here: