Friday, January 16, 2009


Elijah Craig 12-year-old carries the name of the Rev. Elijah Craig, the minister widely reputed to be the "Father of Bourbon." Whether he is or not is irrelevant when considering this fine Whiskey, but it nice that it was named after a historical champion of Bourbon, and it is fun to call it “The Rev.”. The nose reminds me of a rum soaked spice cake-- there are a myriad of spice nuances, molasses, vanilla, and honey. To taste, rich dark wood flavors start out-- washed in corn sweetness and follow through carrying warming sweet oak tones, laden with dry rye spices, and caramel. The body is full and the mouth-feel is soft leading towards a dense finish that adds to the other lingering flavors-- fennel and caraway. Overall it was complex throughout with excellent surprises, all in all very enjoyable. Do try this neat, but a splash of cool, clean water will reveal a host of other secrets. Also, this is usually a great deal-- so keep your eyes out!