Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brinley Gold Mango

Well i have a wonderful friend who knows i like rum, and that i am incredibly open minded, so he brought me a sample of Brinley's Gold Mango rum (i don't know where he gets it-- i don't ask.... he's a smuggler, and i don't mind!).
The first thing you notice about this rum is that is flavored; now i like a spice rum pretty well, i have been known to devour rum creams, and of course i love a good shrub-- but flavored rums??? well they usually fall a bit short for my personal tastes... i say usually because this stuff is FANTASTIC!!

Blended by a small producer on St Kitts founded by Robert and Zachary Brinley, and called the St Kitts Rum Company. Apparently they blend and market a whole line of Brinley Gold rums on St Kitts and in the US-- who knew?. Theoretically these rums can be found in certain of the United States (i heard something about the North East, but i don't believe anything til i see it!!) and on some tropical Island somewhere.

The nose is soft, sweet and loaded with mango... like a Kerns mango nectar BUT CLEANER!! There is no alcohol smell at all, no chemical, just ripe mango and sugarcane honey.. i don't have the bottle so i am not sure off the proof, but everywhere i look says this is around 40% alcohol (i have heard definitively that is 72 proof which means 'around' twice as strong as other mango rums!) and this tastes like mango puree with no pulp... ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS!!
There must be a warning label on the bottle...
The taste follows the nose, soft sweet fully ripened mango pulp. This is the best 'flavored' rum i have ever had--easily.

i made a Daiquiri with it... what else??

3 Oz Brinley Gold Mango
1 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
Skip the sugar
Shake with cracked ice--vigorously,
strain into chilled cocktail glass, and enjoy..

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