Friday, January 16, 2009


Beautifully packaged, Bernheim Original holds a unique spot in the world of Whiskey, it is the only commercially available Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey, This spirit has subtle aromas of oat, honey and wheat with a distinct undercurrent of barley malt syrup. When allowed to aerate the barley malt syrup comes more to the forefront and reveals delicate baking spices with brown bread back notes. On the palate the activity is brisk, and quick... leading with a brief soft display of tropical fruit that abruptly bursts into tight, sharp, crisp grain tones washed in dry oak nuance, with implications toward green tea or a very light oolong- dusted with cinnamon; crossing into the back palate with a sour spicy vibrancy that spread across the finish to leave hints of toasty oak, tea tannins, and bright ephemeral warmth. Try this neat first, but with an ice chip or two this Whiskey really releases its loveliness.

This a great way to change it up from your standard bourbons, and it is a fun way to explore another style of authentic American whiskey.