Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mystery Mezcal . .secret

My friend sent me a sample marked Secret Mezcal. After tasting how yummy it was, I asked him to share with me who it was from and I would "keep" the secret. His reply: "I don't remember". Apparently traveling around Oaxaca, he stopped at a local palenque, he found it, bought a bunch and neglected to make detailed notes. Anyone who has been to Oaxaca has done this, but I thought I would share the tasting notes anyways.

Overall very savory, layered character-I love surprises.
The aromas are phenolic, with algae, oily roasted pepper, poblano, taro root, and casaba.
The palate begins at the aroma but is brighter and more vibrant, crisp and vigorous.
The finish is clean and layered with rich green vegetal characteristics popping up to prolong the interesting fade in a delicate balance.
Very nice mezcal. I paired it with roasted peanuts and dark chocolate. The pairing was magnificent.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Duckett=Delicious Rum

Duckett Rum made from 100% fresh sugarcane juice from nearby Franklin County Missouri; it is made at Nobletons Distilling house and bottled at 50% ABV. I will let you check out the details on their website. Suffice it to say, if you can find some, try it.

The nose smells initially like a very bright cachaca with back notes of a very rich Agricole; grainy, cane forward, grassy goodness, with surprising fruit nuance, such as persimmon, green mango, under-ripe plum. 
The palate follows through and with clean cane minerality that drives the richness of the sugarcane and fruit implications in layers.
The finish is wonderfully complex, restating the delicate flavors and enthusiastic invites you try another taste.
Overall this wonderful and creamy and oily mouthfeel implies coconut and slight fruit is rich and elegant. It pushes the flavors across your palate layers and ends with a lingering that flows all the way through to the finish.
To be honest with you, I was worried about this trying this rum. They are a small producer and making an agricultural rum from local sugarcane juice. There are a lot of things that could go wrong. I am very happy to report NONE of them did. Fantastic rum and an honestly praise-worthy offering from Missouri--I loved it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Part 3: That Rum was Rum Fire

So before I wrote this post which was going to be the 3rd Part of a story I had been sharing, I came upon an article in PUNCH that covered most of what I was going to say about Rum Fire, and why I think it was so revelatory. So read the "There Is No Rum like Rum Fire" article and you will see what I am referring too, and I would like to add a couple variations / highlights to some of the quotes.

To Kevin Beary, I would offer: "Rum Fire is both a sledgehammer and a scalple"; "The boldness of proof coupled with the depth of flavor, make it powerful in tropical and classically structured drinks"

Not to disagree with Ray Sakover, but I would say "Rum Fire is an enthusiastic foil that shows beauty when properly coaxed"

As a matter of fact, I am sure they both would agree with my variations on their themes and only see the agreeance in our rum fueled, passion-driven family.

I love Alexandra Farringtons visionary mission to revamp the syrupy, and simple with the dry and complex utilizing Rum Fire and I applaud the comedic insight that Marlowe Johnson uses regarding the label: "It just looks like the best kind of trouble"

Nic Hensley, great article! PUNCH thanks for publishing it.

For me, there have been other spirits that spoke profoundly to me, but with questions, rather than answers, and I do love questions, and I do love a variety of spirits, but the light coming on was definitely a Rum Fire.

Until next time my lovelies, I tip my glass your way in salute. Be kind to each other, love boldly, share the goodness and your very best self, your sweetness and possibly a beverage with someone.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Part 2: That one was Rum

Part 1 was posted yesterday if this seems to start from nowhere.

In Miami, one day, after a long day judging a Rum Competition, I and several of my friends (also experts) ended up on the patio at a hostel, next to a 'pop-up' bar (at the time), Broken Shaker. While we chatted, making friends with every passer-by, a gentleman from Jamaica asked if he could join our table for a respite from the sun. Happily, we said yes and carried on talking about many different rums all of us were very familiar with. He announced that he was in town helping out a friend with their rum and he had some handy, would we like a taste?

I'm sure it didn't hurt that all of us were packing, passing, and sharing flasks also. The rum he had was new to most all of us, some had heard of it, some had seen it in Jamaica, but definitely not familiar; what he revealed was Rum Fire. We made some playful jibes at the label and proceeded to respectfully taste (we were all pros) and the chatty table initially got quiet. Then the knowing surprised looks were exchanged. You can imagine how the afternoon progressed, us rapturously discussing the lightning in the bottle that was magically captured in Jamaica, those of us inclined explaining the science, the history, the how, but always reveling in the flavors. Calling everyone we knew over to try. Our new friends' bottle did not last, but this memory has these many years.

​I tell you, Rum Fire changed my perspective on all spirits.

The evening blossomed into events all over town. We kept running into our Jamaican friend (I wish I could remember his name-a great guy) and I was telling everyone about how much I loved this rum I just tasted. Everyone expecting some very old, very sweet, or whatever--I didn't care anymore. I am a fan of THE SPIRIT and RUM FIRE freed me to understand that, releasing me to let people know oak & age are only one path (with many turns) and what matter is what a spirit is when it begins before being buried and hidden under the beauty mask of aging. 

Part 3 Coming soon...

So until next time, my friends, I lift my glass to you in a toast. Be good to each other, love one another, share your kindness, your best self, your sweetness, and possibly a beverage with someone.